10 Fun Inexpensive Weekend Ideas

  1. Go for a fun bike ride. Make sure you look onto bicycle safety. Odds are your family will enjoy cycling for sure. Buy the best bike ever and enjoy outdoor activities. You will be able to implement good habits, too.
  2. Buy a kite. You can even buy a remote control model (Search “RC airplane” on Google). RC airplanes are a lot of fun. Apart of being trendy, this is an innovative and sophisticated toy. Most families enjoy playing with RC models. Don’t hesitate to ask for specifics and guidelines.
  3. Play Frisbee or catch. What if you don’t own one? You can get a plastic disc, a lid may be. Thus, homemade options are viable. There are no excuses in terms of money. You can play non-stop or until you get tired.
  4. Choose a tour. You can consider touring a fun and historic local establishment, such as a radio station, an old newspaper, etc. You will be amazed on the many benefits that this can bring right away. It is about becoming in touch with local culture, too. Ask around and try to spot the best place.
  5. Consider planting a flower. You can even create a vegetable garden with your relatives. All in all, gardening is fun, educational and quite healthy. This is a marvelous activity without a doubt. Your kids will learn to be responsible. Plus, your family will save plenty of money on healthy produce.
  6. Prepare delicious and homemade ice-cream. You can buy as many ingredients as you want. If you are on a diet, then you can even purchase low-fat yogurt and organic fruits. It is up to your component lifestyle. Ask your relatives and make a shopping list.
  7. If you enjoy crafts, then you can organize a puppet show. In addition, you can act out a short play. Some families enjoy charades. All in all, it is up to you. But, there is no doubt that artistic activities are always fabulous and an authentic way to get the best out of each family member.
  8. Clean up the mess. How about washing the car together? Believe it or not, this can be an entertaining and fun task during a hot day. Get water balloons and enjoy some additional playing time! Sprinklers and squirt guns are also ideal for such occasion.
  9. Indoor tents are always great! You can get blankets draped over your chairs and tables. While this may sound simple, it is a fun idea. Your little ones will just feel amazed and happy. Some children enjoy making their own indoor tents, too.
  10. Do you like pizza? You can have a lot of fun preparing your own family pizza. If you aren’t a great cook, then you can just purchase ready-made dough. Keep it simple and avoid complications. Again, if you are on a strict diet plan, you can get fat-free ingredients or even prepare a veggie pizza